3 women, 3 souls, 3 voices, 3 instruments
3 are the letters which identify a brand new project, fresh, sensual and bright: WOM

Clara Luna, Laia Fortià and Gemma Abrié represent a new generation of women musicians in Spanish music scene, moreover they’re three talented and energetic girls with a long and solid career.

Because of their friendship and the various projects they have shared,they have ventured into a new project that allows them unite their voices and play their respective instruments at the same time.

Clara Luna sings and plays piano, Gemma Abrié sings and plays double bass while Laia Fortià plays drums and also strenghtens the musical proposal with some chorus lines, adding a three voices arranjement in many of their repertoire songs, they face different styles such as jazz, bossa nova, soul or pop classics.

They put together sensitivity, feeling and creativity at the service of the music they play and sing at once. A sensitive and appealing musical proposal as well as attractive to all senses. WOM means women power, women point of view, women way of live!

Clara Luna: keyboard and voice
Gemma Abrié: doublebass and voice
Laia Fortià: drums and voice